Patricija. 18. Slovenia

My people
"Has it ever happened to you where you thought you were going to be friends with someone for the rest of your life and you had so many plans for the future together and the world didn’t seem so scary if you had them and now you still stay in touch constantly but they just seem so distance and don’t really seem to care about any of the things that you used to both get excited about and you feel like giving up but then they keep showing you little bits of hope like texting you out of nowhere then you realize that that was only one time and you are always the one that has to text them first and invites them to do stuff which they are always to busy to do and don’t feel like find a different time and now you feel more alone then ever even though you know in a week you’ll be hanging out with them like you used to and be reassured that everything is fine and then in another week you’ll be all alone again and it’ll feel even worse and i just don’t know what to do"